The Future of Refinishing

Featuring an air-release pressure-activated adhesive backing, Belbien allows you to modernize a space with very little downtime or area disruption. By applying Belbien onsite to existing surfaces, you avoid major overhaul costs and significantly minimize the impact on landfills. Belbien also possesses several qualities that allow for easy maintenance, including water resistance and flexibility.


Belbien can be applied to many 2-D surfaces, from metal elevator doors to high pressure laminate countertops. The application process is simple and fast, so any disruption of regular activity is minimal.


Belbien’s superior flexibility allows for it to be smoothed over angled surfaces without the need for special equipment or cutting. Many Belbien patterns have the flexibility to be applied to curved surfaces with a seamless finish.


Belbien finishes offer easy maintenance thanks to their excellent solvent resistance and stain resistance. In most cases, marks and stains can be easily removed by cleaning the surface with soapy water.


Belbien has greater water resistance than common types of wallpaper or wall covering cloth, making it the perfect solution for bathrooms and exterior surfaces.


Belbien is made to last and has a proven track record of durability thanks to its 8.3 mil thick PVC and strong air-release adhesive bond.


Belbien meets UL-723 Fire and Smoke Ratings, making these vinyl films the perfect solution in public areas such as theaters, cruise ships, and trains.


In addition to over 400 different standard finishes, Belbien also provides the ability for customers to match their existing surfaces with custom patterns and colors.


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Modernize a space with very little downtime or area disruption.

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