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Belbien must be applied to 100% smooth non-porous surfaces including metal, HPL (high pressure laminate), glass, PVC, melamine, Sintra, and many more. Porous surfaces such as MDF, Gypsum board, drywall, and existing painted surfaces must be sealed prior to applying Belbien. Any imperfections in a substrate will telegraph through. It’s crucial that all imperfections are sanded smooth or filled and sanded prior to applying Belbien.

It's highly recommended that Belibien architectural vinyl films only be installed by seasoned/certified installation companies. Please contact us for a local installation company in your area and to learn more about the many applications of architectural vinyl films.

Store Fixtures

With its minimal thickness and unique flexibility, Belbien can be installed on highly detailed surfaces and store fixtures.
store fixtures applications for architectural vinyl films

Doors & Frames

Joints and seams are less noticeable when interior doors and door jams are finished with Belbien. The Belbien advantage means doors requiring fire ratings can be finished with the same design of the interior doors that don’t require these ratings. Belbien is an easy way to renovate doors, hotels, or office buildings, and is easy to maintain.
doors and frames applications for architectural vinyl films

Walls & Partitions

Belbien creates a uniform appearance on interior and partition walls, even when the walls are made of plaster board, silicate calcium board, or steel.
walls and partitions applications for architectural vinyl films


Belbien is praised for its time and labor-saving qualities by clients and specifiers alike. It is used in high-traffic and public spaces which require frequent maintenance, such as elevator halls and cars.
elevator applications for architectural vinyl films


Belbien has been specified for installation in new and renovated restroom partitions due to its superior water resistance and durability.
restroom applications for architectural vinyl films

Building Exteriors

Belbien EX is used in both interior and exterior applications and has been specified for many outdoor application projects since its introduction in 1986. No appreciable weathering deterioration is noted when using the sunshine carbon arc for 5,000 hours.
building exterior applications for architectural vinyl films

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