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Click on our interactive catalogs below which will show you how you can install Belbien Architectural Finishes. To view web-based catalogs please click on the below thumbnails.

belbien general catalog
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Property Managers

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Planning Guide

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What is Belbien?

Belbien™ is a versatile architectural finish which can be installed in many places such as casinos, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, and more.

Belbien offers over 430 patterns which can be used to complement and substitute materials like brushed metals, stone, wood, leather, and other visually appealing materials.

Since Belbien is a vinyl film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, it can be installed on flat or curved surfaces and both indoors and outdoors.

2016-2018 Belbien Catalog

Interested in seeing the various profiles available? Click the link below!